domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Dean e Castiel em mais uma lista

O site SFX criou a lista intitulada SF´s Great Bromances, na qual faz parte a dupla Dean e Castiel

9- Castiel e Dean

Is it possible for real brothers to have a bromance, or is that cheating? We’ll let you muse on that thorny problem (slash writers certainly have), but until then we’ve decided that Sam and Dean don’t belong on our list. In their place sit Dean and Castiel, who first met when the angel pulled Dean out of Hell; they’ve been bromancing it up ever since. Over the course of the last two seasons Dean has managed to get Castiel to disobey Heaven (twice), killed (twice), and even dragged him along to a brothel to lose his virginity (he didn’t). Add to that the angel’s intense staring and lack of personal space issues and you can’t deny they’re close. Whether Dean’s a bad influence or not is open to interpretation, but given that he doesn’t seem to have any other friends we’re just happy he’s found a pal at last. But would he ever let him drive the Impala? That might be the real test of their friendship… Other honourable Supernatural mentions: Dean and the Impala (given an entirely new meaning when Sam is briefly turned into Impala-KITT in one episode).


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