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Foto e spoiler do episódio My Bloody Valentine

Vamos ter um episódio de Supernatural que faz referência ao filme do Jensen. Estamos a falar do episódio My Bloody Valentine. Foi divulgada uma foto e um spoiler.

Continue lendo.

'Supernatural' exclusive: 'Southland' thesp takes aim at Cupid role

Loathe Valentine’s Day? Then you’re going to seriously heart Supernatural’s fittingly dark take on the candy-and-flowers holiday.
First, some casting scoop: Southland’s Lex Medlin has been tapped to play Cupid in the Feb. 11 episode, titled a “My Bloody Valentine.”
Now the plot deets: When couples all over town start engaging in obsessive, compulsive, and deadly behavior, Sam and Dean launch an investigation. With the help of Castiel, they learn that Maryann from True Blood a naked Cherub (Medlin, above) may be involved and track him down for questioning.

The spoilery twist: The ******** *a**** may be the real culprit!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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