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Entrevista a Sera Gamble

Contem Spoilers.

Will God appear on the show, and do you have an actor/actress already cast for the role if this does, indeed, happen?
I can tell you that we wrap up the search for God storyline, but I don't want to give too much away. Sorry!
There are four archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. We've heard of Michael and have met Raphael and Gabriel. With Uriel not being presented as an archangel on Supernatural, will there be a fourth archangel on the series?
The fourth archangel is Lucifer.
Was it always the plan to have the Trickster as Gabriel?
Well, the Trickster's been a character on the show since before we even had angels, so--not exactly. The plan was always to have Gabriel be the "sleeper" archangel. We knew since the beginning that we were going to tell a story about how he's actually been on earth for millennia. We discussed various ways we'd introduce him, but the end result was always a version of the scene in "Changing Channels," where he explains that he left heaven when the family in-fighting got bad. Then we realized that the Trickster precisely fit the bill-- his personality mirrored what we had in mind for Gabriel, he's wildly powerful and most importantly, he's been weirdly focused on trying to impart key information to Sam and Dean for some time.
You've already brought back Ellen, Jo and Rufus this season, and Ash returns in a future episode, as well. Whom else are you bringing back?
As you've probably heard by now, Young Mary and John are appearing in an upcoming episode. So is Anna. Before the end of the season, we'll be bringing back a lot of faves. I don't want to give every single one of them away, but they will include: Zachariah, the Trickster and Crowley.

We met Mary's parents. Will we also meet John's?
Not this season. But if there's a season six, that's always a possibility.
Will there be more stand-alone episodes this season?
Our next episode has to do with body-swapping, and it's a pretty classic stand-alone. After that, we have episodes that feel driven by the apocalypse, and some that feel more classically case-driven-- but even those tend to reveal a connection to what's happening in the bigger story. As we get closer to the finish line, the apocalypse gets harder to ignore. And, while we have it, we've been using it to generate cases. Turns out there are quite a few good monsters in the Book of Revelation.

The 100th episode! Congratulations! What can you tell us about the episode?
We want it to feel appropriately substantial. The most I can say right now is that it's about the Archangel Michael. It's the episode where a lot of building tensions you'll have watched over several episodes simmer over. Dean will behave in a way you've never seen before. So will Sam. So will Castiel. Actually, I'm particularly proud of where we take Sam in this episode. He has a kind of maturity in dealing with Dean that it took us a hundred episodes to earn.
Will season 5 be the final season?
I don't know. We haven't received word on another season. But there many positive signs.

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